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Regardless of the academic level every intelligent student at least once got into thinking about the ancient yet still relevant and excellent question “why is homework important?” To answer this question, we have to list the number of the benefits it can bring to the intellectual table of the student, what factors force students to hate it and how to avoid it.

Advantages of Homework Routine

1. Skills To Work with Information

Since we live in a rapidly developing information society, over time the ability to store, process and use the information without the usage of devices becomes one of the main indexes of valuable members of society. Homework is one of the best training grounds to practice your informational skills. Since it forces you to get into the course of the problem, adapt to it, break down all information into the smallest details, use your memory, and take actions.

2. Habit to Cope with Intellectual Challenges

Most people prefer to avoid solving problems. Having homework as part of your daily schedule will make you a person who can bravely and confidently accept the reality of intellectual challenges and deal with far less stress than the rest of your peers.

3. Scientific basics of understanding of the world

Getting through the homework of the whole school program will formulate a great base of practical scientific mindset. That way you will not only review the most updated and valid theories that explain the rules of our universe (such as theory of the big bang, evolution etc.), but you will also be accustomed to use this knowledge and skeptical principle of its formulations in your everyday life.

4. Practice Your Discipline

Getting through the lightness and struggles of your homework on a regular basis will shape you as a much more disciplined, and strong-willed character. And in the long term perspective it will benefit you in any other big and small aspects of your personal life.

5. Reputation of a Problem-Solver in Class

Being known as someone who is not having extreme difficulties at constantly solving homework difficulties will get you a helpful image of a smart and reliable problem-solving geek. Of course, that way more people will bother you. But at the same time, you will have more people who can and help you out in return.

6. Better Relationships with Teachers

If there is anyone who most of the teachers will forgive for one-time laziness and allow to intellectually sit back for a while it is no other than students who are regular at completing their homework. Being in better relationships with your school or college teachers will make them more forgiving and supportive of your flaws. It will give you plenty of bonuses during the tests, exams and as a result – it will positively reflect in your school certificate.

How to prevent yourself from hating homework

1. Eat Healthy, Exercise and Have Plenty of Sleep

Having the right diet and healthy amount of sleep will have a positive impact on your cognitive abilities. That way you will be less moody, less aggressive and less intellectually conservative. You will become more present. Which will manifest in your positive state of mind, concentration and abilities to cope with academic challenges without emotional expenses.

2. Do Not Make Enemies with Teachers

Getting a bad reputation among teachers is the easiest and the most crucial mistake that you can ever make in your educational journey. Getting into bad and especially scandalous relationships with your teacher will force that person to make you hate his/her discipline by giving you additional tasks. It will make the process of completing your homework unbearable not only for that subject, but it will also tempt you to despise the other ones. Remembering that all relationships are fragile will help you a lot. Especially if you keep that in mind during the classes. That way you will protect yourself from hating the most useful and important aspects of the world, such as physics, chemistry, biology and IT classes.

3. Sit in front rows

Sitting in the front row will create a better connection and enable you to hear the teacher clearly. You will also be less likely to talk to your friends who sit next to you. All of these factors will predispose you to successful and productive studying and will help you to catch up on important information that will make the process of your homework easier. Plus, that way you create better chances to get remembered by your teacher, which can help you a lot during exams.

4. Prioritize Your Disciplines

Prioritization will prevent you from directing your intellectual efforts into wrong directions. To get a better perception of the world the natural subjects (physics, chemistry, biology, zoology, medicine, computer science, mathematics) should always go in front of humanitarian subjects (linguistics, literature, culturology, psychology, philology, philosophy, religious studies). Of course, you can always change these “settings” to your personal preferences. But you should not change them all the time. The goal is to decide which part of homework you always have to do, and which part of it you can allow yourself to be undone when you are out of time.

5. Don’t Overdo

Of course, shaping a discipline in your character is important. But it is also important for you to learn to say no and reject something that you find completely irrelevant or pointless.

6. Understand the Reasons of Your Struggle

You should always have specific reasons why you are struggling with certain pieces of your homework. And for you to find a way to move forward the answer has to be deeper than “it is boring.” Knowing what exactly makes it difficult for you to do your homework will help you eliminate these factors and move forward with much higher speed and productivity.

7. Ask your Teachers for Help and Extra Homework

In many cases asking teachers for additional yet much simpler tasks can help you a lot not only in terms of your academic improvements, but also in terms of your relationships with teachers. Of course, that way you will have more homework to do. But at the same time, at some point you will get it deeper than the rest of your classmates. Which eventually makes it all much easier, exciting and most importantly – helpful for you.