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As a school student every person faces numerous novelties and difficulties which will affect the formulation of their future character. Homework, lab work, group projects, tests, exams, and of course reputation battle. To cope with all or at least most of these things successfully every student has to select methods to take care of his/her main problem – stressfulness. And the present article offers the following solutions.  


Aerobes are the organisms that need oxygen in order to function and survive. They include all plants, a significant part of microorganisms, and of course the vast majority of animals including humans. That is why for all people the prevention from stress primarily always starts with having fresh air to breathe.

If it is a stale air, or even if it is not as good as your body requires, unknowingly you will start to become more aggressive and you will take more conservative decisions. As a result, you will tend to be less attentive during the classes and will get into conflicts with other students and teachers more frequently. For that reason, keep in mind that throughout the day whatever it is that you do (study, go-out, exercise, partying), it is always important for you to be at a place that is greatly ventilated, since it will decrease your level of stress and increase the potential of your intellectual productivity.


Taking care of your diet is the second healthiest activity you can do to make your school less stressful. Your grades, class and school popularity directly depend on the quality of your diet. The reasoning behind having a well-balanced diet can be broken down into 2 categories.
  • If you eat poorly – you will sooner become hungry and your brain will have less energy to process the information;
  • If you eat unhealthy food – you will worsen the balance of your nutrients. Gradually it will increase the avitaminosis in your body, which will lead to your lack of motivation, amplified anger and many other stress-related conditions.


Being physically active is crucially important for everyone, especially youngsters. It will make you too busy, too tired and oftentimes even too happy to waste your energy on stress over nothing. It doesn’t mean that to achieve these results you have to join a sports team and work on getting into a starting line up. Even minor activities such as walking instead of using a transport, cycling, playing catch or dancing will bring you additional doses of dopamine which will make you feel good about your day and will also improve your sleeping hours.  


Being a school student brings a plenty of knowledge in life of any person that pays attention to what is going on. Although many people prefer to keep their memories exclusively in their heads, in order to achieve better analytical results scientific methods require additional methods of registering the information. One of which is writing a journal. Basically it comes down to writing down the things you find notable. You can do it however you want: by using a pad and a pen, a typing keyboard, a recorder, a camera, or by resorting to all of it. It will help you to better analyze your school environment and the state of your mind.  


Of course, you may find it pleasant to listen to your favorite band while trying to study your favorite subject. But the reality is that by doing that you will worsen your abilities to concentrate and work with information. There is no such thing as great music for focusing. Any music will always serve you as a subjectively esthetical distraction of your thinking. It will worsen the quality of your studying, which will have a negative effect on your grades and stressfulness.  


The most innocent thing you can do to decrease your productivity and increase your level of stress from a long term perspective is to skip your class or abandon your homework. By taking plenty of academic breaks you risk losing the interest in subjects you were missing out on. It will start to make far less sense, which will lead to the complete lack of the interests you might’ve had for it. And as a result, your grades will drop and your stress will rise.  


Whether you identify yourself as introvert or extravert you are still a primate. Primates are social animals. Humans are one of them and furthermore they are social creatures. Which means they have a certain hierarchy and communicational needs. And the less stressful individuals are the ones who closely interact with others. If the individual is at the top or at the bottom of the hierarchical chain s/he is getting more stress than someone in between. The first individual doesn’t want to be bothered; his/her aggression is oftentimes the reason s/he is at the top. Meanwhile the second individual experiences stress due to the reputational failure. That is why, another helpful exercise for your stress-reducing strategy is staying in touch with everyone. It will position you somewhere in the middle, which will not take much effort and will make the school for you far less stressful.


If you choose to be an active and spontaneous social media poster, sooner or later you will make wrong choices about sharing the information, which can lead to controversy, scandals and more sources of your inner stress. Not having a social media account will make you almost immune to that, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have it. It means that you have to be simply wise and prudent about it.


Getting a bad reputation among teachers is the mistake that you want to avoid in your educational journey. Getting into a non-friendly and especially scandalous relationship with these people will force them to make you hate their discipline by decreasing your grades, by giving you additional tasks and especially – hard time during the exams. Thus, keep in mind that not being loud during the classes, studying the subject, asking good questions and making appropriate jokes will prevent you from stress caused by the anger of your teachers.