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What is your favorite class? You may not realize it but your genuine interest in a particular subject area can be the result of hard work and charisma of your teacher. Some of us can still remember their Math teachers and how much they were afraid of her. She could not evoke any other feelings in students to her class except for fear and disgust with your behavior and negative attitude. Alternatively, our hearts get filled with warmth when we think about those teachers who inspired and encouraged us. A lot depends on the personality of a teacher not only on their professional skills. So, what kind of teachers are there? And what is the right way of approaching each of them to maintain the relationships full of respect and positive influence? Let’s find out.

1. Personality type: Ahead of the Game

If you’ve ever come across a perfectionist, you know how hard it can be to deal with them. They think through all the details of their lessons and expect the same attitude from the students. If your paper has the wrong margins or more than 1 typo, you will be in a big trouble.

On a serious note though, these are the teachers that always have a plan for every class and take their work seriously. It is difficult to them to realize that everything can’t be perfect in this imperfect world.

What to do: If you want to pass this class without a bunch of problems, make sure you do the homework. And try to learn the basic requirements this teacher has and follow the rules. If all it takes for you to get an A is to make sure that the formatting style is the one that’s required, don’t let the laziness stand on your way.

2. Personality type: Source of Inspiration

The chances are this is the teacher you like the most. This is the person who can talk about their field of study with passion and give comprehensive explanations. They make even the difficult concepts easy to understand. There might come the time when they get disappointed in the profession because of the constant stress and negative emotions. If you are the one in class that is the source of this negative vibes, try to minimize them and think about other students that can benefit from this great teacher.

What to do: Become a sponge and absorb every drop of knowledge this teacher shares with you. You often get much more than just lecture notes after the class. You can get the most valuable life lesson that will help you a lot in the future.

3. Personality type: Overly Excited

Being too enthusiastic about a subject is not always good. These teachers are so excited about their material, they can’t wait to share their thoughts with the class. If you’ve ever had a teacher that seemed a bit crazy to you, this is the one we are talking about. The worst part is that this excessive enthusiasm can make their explanations foggy. If you have only one question left in your head after a lecture and it is: “What?”, this is probably the teacher of this personality type.

What to do: If you don’t understand the material during a class, try to read a textbook or find the information in any other sources. Asking your teacher for help can also be an option. Maybe the explanation will be clearer during the one-on-one conversation.

4. Personality type: Reputed Expert

These teachers are the ones who want to do everything right according to the existing school policies and regulations. They demand your respect and good behavior. There is no place for jokes or long discussions about life during their classes. They are real experts and have impressive subject knowledge. You can ask them for more broad explanations in case you don’t understand something. These are the experts that young teachers look up to.

What to do: Do not argue with your teacher unless you are 100% sure of being right. They can be overly protective of their reputation and will never admit being wrong.

5. Personality type: Always Doubtful

Question everything even if it seems to be an axiom. This is the approach a teacher of this personality type will have. They are the ones that often come up with brilliant new ideas and push the team forward. Some students will find really challenging to understand what they are trying to say if all they do is asking questions.

What to do: Learn from them how to ask the right questions that can help you dig deeper into any topic. It is a great skill for writing research papers, theses, and dissertations. Do not agree with everything this teacher says and try to be more doubtful. They will appreciate your curious nature.

6. Personality type: Yes man

This teacher will never refuse of helping someone who needs their word of wisdom. They work overtime and stay after class to answer all of your questions. Some people take advantage of their attitude and openness. They sometimes begin to live in an imaginary world instead of looking at the things in a practical way. Do not overuse their eagerness to support you and know the limits.

What to do: use their help when you really need it. The fact that they rarely say No to students who ask for their support should not make you abuse their kindness. Do not ask for a piece of advice just to seem nice and make them like you.

7. Personality type: Natural Born Actor

There is no need for you in visiting a Broadway show if you have a teacher like this. Every class is full of creative explanations, visual aids, acting, etc. There is no doubt that students memorize the material better with the help of visualization. Fun classes are what you will get. You will never be bored at a class with this teacher. Be prepared for the non-trivial approach and unpredictable ideas. The most important point you should keep in mind is that it still is the studying process not just having fun. Your teacher might get carried away but you shouldn’t.

What to do: Make sure you keep things under control and finish all the tasks even if your teacher forgets about some of them. If you are interested in this class and want to keep studying it in the future, you will have to take a self-management approach.

8. Personality type: Explorer

These teachers know how things work and want to share their fascination with this world with others. Students, though, are often confused with their lectures because can’t follow the train of their thoughts. When you understand the mechanism of something, you can get too excited and. They often give quick explanations as the concepts seem self-explanatory to them. They always want more from their students and going an extra mile is something you should try doing.

What to do: Ask questions and show your interest. It is good for this teacher to see your involvement.

9. Personality type: Free Spirited

They can’t stand strict management rules and policies. The personal freedom is above all. These people have a vivid imagination and use it to make the classes fun and less formal. If they show you a video, it is not because they are lazy but because this video is really useful.

What to do: Never question their innovative approaches to teaching. They love to experiment so take this opportunity without being hypercritical.

10. Personality type: Loner

This is the teacher that does not talk much and prefers to sit alone. It is not only because they often are introverts but because they use every minute to think about the unsolved problems of the subject. You may get a lot of homework related to doing research and finding better solutions than the ones that already exist. These teachers make your brain work.

What to do: Some may say that their classes are too boring. If you think so too, try asking the questions to stop the monotonous lecture of your teacher.

11. Personality type: Leading Light

If there is a goal they want to reach, they will not stop until they’ve made it. Even if it means hurting other people in some way (they are not maniacs, just can make people upset). It’s better not to stand in their way and be a good student in their eyes.

What to do: Not to be afraid of their power and charmed by their charisma. If there are teachers who can let you down or trick you into something unpleasant, these are the ones.

12. Personality type: Knight in Shining Armor

Consistency is the way to success. This is the teacher that is always ready for a class, can answer your questions and admit that they do not know/remember something. They are always polite and respectful. Having this teacher can make you believe in yourself and strive for more. When you know there is this kind of support from a person you admire, there seems to be nothing impossible.

What to do: Treat this teacher with respect and remember the tips they give to you. Work hard and you will get the support you need.