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Here we are again gathering the news about world’s economy for you to stay on top of the latest information. We won’t dig deep into micro- and macro economic indicators not to turn this exciting article into a boring college lecture. Our goal is to educate you on the current economic situation without the need to study massive tables. No matter if you are waiting for a financial crisis to come in 2018 or do not believe in such scenario, it is useful to know what the world’s economy looks like today. As usual, we remind you that you are welcome to use economics homework assistance at any time.

Is Crypto-Currency Our Future?

You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin. And maybe you’ve even noticed that its price reached a new record high last week. The currency that increased in value from $570 to $4, 451 in just a year is something you don’t see happening every day. You might even have considered investing in cryptocurrency at some point as the market cap of all the cryptocurrencies has an estimation of around $142 billion. Although it is for you to decide what to do with your money, we think that this kind of investment is too risky. First of all, there is no is no financial system that can control Bitcoins. It means that there is no any kind of insurance in case something goes wrong. The government won’t be able to participate in preventing a crisis if there is one some day. There is also the point of the value crypto-currency has. Today this value is high but it can decrease significantly in the future. The value depends on someone else, not on the currency owner. It is so in many cases but investing in Bitcoins seem to be riskier than, say, investing in real estate. If you count on getting long-term dividends, crypto-currency is not your obvious choice.

Why Men Run the World of Startups

According to the recent study, fewer than 10% of new companies are founded by women. It seems odd because there seems to be a new startup emerging every single day. What stops women from diving into the world of business? Surprisingly enough, there is a vicious circle that women can’t break. We all have this fear of starting something new. There is an obvious risk of failure and we try to find some good examples, role models. We need to have positive thoughts like: “If they can do it, I can do it too!” Unfortunately, there are no role models women can relate to. It increases the fear factor and makes it impossible for them to dare to make that first step. One more problem is the lack of managerial experience. According to and McKinsey report, there are only 19% of women holding top executive positions. It is an obvious obstacle for starting a business if you have no idea how it should function. There is a lack of networking as well. Women often discuss the problems of the gender gap in business with other women while men use their networking from business schools and previous work places to grow their businesses.

Joy for Pensioners, Stress for Students

The RPI index keeps rising in the U.K showing the maximum of 3.6 percent increase since 2011. As prices get higher, the workers’ average wages do not. These are the obvious consequences of Brexit and there is no way to avoid the difficult situation. The current situation implies the benefits for pensioners and tough times for students and younger working families. The former ones can gain from the rising RPI and get a higher pension while students will have to face a 3% increase in loan rates.

Economic Warning Signs

The president of the United States seems to be sure of the stable economic situation in the country. But as his comments and tweets are controversial, so is the current situation. On one hand, it may look steadily developing, on the other, there are some warning signs to be aware of. Here are just some of them. The consumers in the U.S. struggle with debts. According to the latest information, it totals in $12.84 trillion. What it means is that people can afford to spend less and will limit themselves to many things like going to a restaurant and having a long vacation. That can lead to the economic instability as the local businesses will start getting less revenue. The risk of unemployment may rise. There is a decrease of jobs added to the economy – 1.29 million in 2017 vs. 1.46 million in 2016. The numbers show that there is no progress and those who are unemployed at the moment risk to stay without a new job for some time more.

That’s It for This Week

Feel free to add your own news in the comments section and start a discussion. We’ll see you next week with some more interesting facts and figures.